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the word "impossible" literally has the word "possible" in it... so really nothing is impossible in life... if it is not in reality yet, then we simply have not found how to do it yet.
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Because people argue a lot through saying its impossible within 5 to 10 years..but every thing is possible
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First they said it is impossible one day they will say congratulations.

There are some people whom you told about Safezone, Pernum and YEM but they didn't mind. They called you a muyaye/ gambler, conman and others mocked you. But i assure you today that the same people will one day come back to you to congratulate you in victory. They will change their story about you in public. They will be ashamed for having underestimated you. They will be shocked to see you victorious. So, just stay calm and watch the space time doesn't lie and God is not corrupt. Your day is coming very very soon. Just keep your candle burning.

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