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It's true even though it didn't work out for me but most people say that it is good and productive because they have accumulated wealth in it. Any one who co come out and clarify it to me is highly welcome.
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From the text at
[...]Generally, buying this token is a way you can support the YEM Foundation (as it is a non-profit organization), and we have decided to use 10% of the fees that will be earned at the YEM Exchange and the Digital Exchange Center to buy back the YSC1 Tokens at a later time. The longer you hold your YSC! Token, the more you benefit, and as all transactions and fees can be found on the YEMCHAIN protocols, there is 100% transparency.[...]
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I see the President of the YEM foundation is an active personality on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. How come he never deliberately highlight the YEM to the world. What are your thoughts about YSC1?

How do you vote?

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