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Le plaisir est un element capital de l'epanouissement de l'Homme. Le travail et le plaisir se compensent pour donner un sens a la vie. Mais le simple fait de consacre tout notre temps pour le plaisir nous eloigne de notre vision surtout le plaisir sexuelle.
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All pleasures in this world were created for man.

Sometimes people deny the fact that one of the important centers of life is pleasure in different forms.

The pleasure in eating food, the pleasure in sex and others make the meaning of life.
Pleasures were created for man by God, they were not made only for people who don't reverence God as always misinterpreted by many people.
Pleasure was added to the life of man in order to make it meaningful and enjoyable, however man has misused it to the extent of being mastered by it and thus forgetting the maker of it.

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