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The article is educative and convincing, those days many of us see the internet as only for the haves but today it rings in every corner even in our bedrooms. The "Yem" idea have actually brought hope for the millions that will come to understand the concept.
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By clicking on SHARE (below the statement) you copy an invitation link with your Pernum. Share this in your social networks and groups. Anyone who registers ends up in your SAFEZONE/WSS 5 generations family and earns you commissions whenever he/she buys or wins something.

In this way you can (without having to be or become a sales professional or even program a website, provide commissions, produce videos and compose tons of email texts) increase the radius of awareness and thus the demand for YEM.

Don't wait for someone else to do it. Just pitch in and you'll see that success is fun. And we could probably all use a little more of that at the moment.

We have all the options with just a few clicks in our living room and even in the hospital bed. Let's use them wisely!
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We Power activation (read the question below)

Hello YEM friend,
I sold closed network (intranet) websites to local businesses in the 90's. That was 3 years before the internet had its commercial breakthrough in Europe. Everyone in Germany still knows the AOL TV slogan with Boris Becker "Am I already in?" (LOL, currently that has a slightly different meaning to him). So 3 years BEFORE, together with 40 other franchisees and some freelance sales representatives, I made the invisible visible. At that time, a website cost 75 DM and each additional page 25 DM...monthly(!!!) and terms such as "email" or even "online shop" were still utopian even in the business world (remember back in 1995 most of them were already overwhelmed with writing an SMS on their fantastic mobile phone). And yet it worked! New content was added to our intranet every day because someone somewhere in Germany spoke to the relevant target group about our idea (which turned out to be absolutely right, as everyone knows).

Now compare : An attractive classified ad with a picture and a link to your own homepage doesn't cost a cent. There is no limit to the number of classified ads per company. The mediating consultant receives up to 100 USD in YEM per classified ad(!) and EVERYONE has access to these offers WITHOUT membership and WITHOUT subscription fee.

Only 1 new deal a day (worldwide) would increase the YEM demand and in a few months nobody would think about getting rid of YEM through trading. Advisors can earn tons of money with an offer that they give away. At the same time, everyone builds their own YEM marketplace, where the commissions can be squandered.

Question: IF YOU KNEW HOW IT WORKS to convince an entrepreneur to appear in the SHOPPING COMPASS with all its advantages, would you then take appropriate action (with a plan and system)?

Pro or No?

How do you vote?

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