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Doing something accidentally has never been a rule of success

If you want to be great, you shouldn't rely on doing something by accident.
People who do things accidentally have not found a fortune in what they are doing. And this makes them hate what they are doing in the long run. Everything has to be done with purpose but not by accident.

How do you vote?

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There things we do accidentally and the example i am going to give is the large number of people who are YEM holders.

Most of us we entered in this project expecting to be doing business that at the end, were going to sell those tokens and we do other businesses. That was the idea most of us we have been with years back but WE CHANGED.

That means we entered in Unicon network accidentally and at last we found what we never expect and we changed from being in businesses to stay in the REVOLUTION.

Most of us who are YEM Holders we never been in such BIGGEST PROJECT which is going on. I conclude by saying NO to the above statement that it's easy to become wealthy in something you entered ACCIDENTALLY and at the time you found the good life and you change to stay in that system for ever.

I wish the YEM Holders the best and i will never forget to wish those who started this project the best in all they do.
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