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Some one to start a fuel station in a country like Uganda is in a wrong direction because as of now the government of Uganda is advising the citizens to buy electric cars
Also the government is advising it's citizens to buy electric motorcycles.
Hence prevention of environmental polution due to fuel combustion in the engines. When a vehicle is functioning or moving.
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, il y a une vie après la mort mais c'est différent de l'existence. La Bible dit qu'il n'y a plus de larmes et de douleur, plus de luttes dans la vie. Tous sont bonheur avec Dieu.
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I believe if someone is to start a fuel station business in this century you might be in the wrong w

How do you start planning to construct a fuel station when everyone is talking about electronic cars, electric motor cycles and the solar system that would be used everywhere. Whom do you plan to sell the fuel in the future.
Some countries have started manufacturing cars that uses electricity in large quantities.
Therefore plan to set up an electric charging points but not fuel station.

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