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L amour parental est certes un besoin vital pour santé psycho-affective des enfants mais l exprimé de façon excessive pourrait contribuer à un handicap social c est à dire ses futures relations interhumaines.
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Business is something that sometimes gets close to your mind like a mhm and her baby.
It is something that you are progressing with in a daily life.
The way you manage it can either awards you or even demolish you. So it depends on how you handle it.
But now the factor to bring is, in all your plannings, don't put your family members in big positions for they might be hard to manage.
They may despise you even.
Only do it when your under written agreements.
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Dare not show too much love your children, it will spoil them.

Parental love is very important and crucial but it has got to have a limit. Every parent should live his or her children but sparingly.
For in this generation one of the great factors that has led to a great spoil among our children is too much love.
Love them and it's good but show them still how they ought to behave responsibly.

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