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Things go in pairs, happiness=sadness ,satisfied=hunger, rich=poor and many others, so if you have been sad for a long time look for ways to have happiness in your life. If you have been hungry for along time , look for ways on how to get satisfied. If you have been poor for a long time , look for ways to be rich, How? By working had, save, copy the rich, seek new information, invest
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Business is something that sometimes gets close to your mind like a mhm and her baby.
It is something that you are progressing with in a daily life.
The way you manage it can either awards you or even demolish you. So it depends on how you handle it.
But now the factor to bring is, in all your plannings, don't put your family members in big positions for they might be hard to manage.
They may despise you even.
Only do it when your under written agreements.
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Lorsque vous êtes joyeux ou triste vous pouvez pleurer. Quand vous êtes joyeux c'est lorsque quelque chose ou quelqu'un vous touche positivement dans le cœur. Quand vous êtes triste c'est lorsque vous avez perdu quelque chose ou quelqu'un de proche très importante .
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Tears comes out from someone when is very happy or sad

Tears can come out when your very so happy with thought touched in your brain from the bottom of your heart seeing you lifted up from where you have been deep to where your by that time.

Tears can come from you when you lose the very best things we have been with and we have struggled with we take to be part of our life.

Very soon people are going to wash there eyes with tears seeing doing what ever they want using YEM which they never expect to happen but will be happening.

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