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L'argent montre le vrai visage des gens
Dès que y'a l'argent le comportement change automatiquement
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People are fake when they're poor. But money (and/or power) reveals their true faces, their true behaviors.
They rarely have the same face when they're poor.
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Of course you need to change yourself completely because you have allot of money which can help you to change
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That person will change completely when he or she gets money.

It always hard for some one to get money and remain as he or she was.
Money has got a changing factor where the taste, fashions behaviors of a person changes as soon as he gets it.
Some even will go ahead to change friends, hating the old ones and getting new ones.
You can say I will not change when you have not yet recieved it but as soon as you receive, we shall see you changing.
Just pray to God that you will not change.

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