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Pour plus sécurité et confiance dans le couple l'homme être honnête à tous les niveaux et dire tous les secrets à femme pour éviter d'éventuels problèmes dans le couples
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Yes, it's good to tell ur wife but most of the women don't take action . They are destructors instead of being constructors . Some are good planers others are bad planers. Getting involved in business can make the business grow old faster.
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Married couples can tell their secrets during their successful times because I believe that they should be on the same line and they should enjoy all the times together whether good or bad.
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Should a man tell all his secretes to his wife during their successful marriage times?

People on marriage can tell you. There are times in marriage when things goes all well and you feel like you're in heaven.
This is when God helps you and you meet a life partner in marriage who understands you more than any other people does.
You start to share with her all your secretes because she is your next of kin.
But my question is, should a man share his secretes to his wife?

How do you vote?

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Do not tell your wife or husband all your secrets because those people change in no minute to harm you because those secrets most especially when it is about wealthy
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