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Never give up, problems are ever there and many are experiencing them also . When faced with a problem try to see how you can solve it and handle it completely . We are standing on the same planet facing the same challenges but then to come out of such challenges differ from one another, but when we try to do as the rich do we will come out of the poverty completely. Working had and invest as the rich do.
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It is very true those people we always see when they have wealth also have passed in difficult days and sometimes better than us
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Someone you may see successful, has also faced the same or more challenges than you are.

Sometimes when I feel like things are not working out for me, I read through what billionaires are passing through or what they have passed through.
As we invest, as we hustle and pass through all the challenges we should not give a chance to be defeated, giving up may not be an immediate solution.

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A number of people get there success on a silver spoon with out any truggle, it is not that every one toils for success.
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