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Worries is an obstruction to happiness. It can't stop the problems. All our worries will be lift up to God and trust in Him that only God can solve our problems.
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Business is something that sometimes gets close to your mind like a mhm and her baby.
It is something that you are progressing with in a daily life.
The way you manage it can either awards you or even demolish you. So it depends on how you handle it.
But now the factor to bring is, in all your plannings, don't put your family members in big positions for they might be hard to manage.
They may despise you even.
Only do it when your under written agreements.
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Worry will never add anything to you but it will just enslave you.

As the Bible says that no one can add anything to himself when he or she worries, you need not to worry about anything in life.
Just let your heart grow strong yo every challenge you meet.
There is nothing that can happen to you minus a purpose.
And nothing can happen to you when God doesnt know about it. Just develope a mentality of praying to overcome anything but don't worry about anything.

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