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Lorsque quelqu'un atteint la liberté financière, cela le soulage. Mais ce n'est pas pour autant qu'il faut arrêter de travailler. Il faut faire des investissements et veiller au quotidien pour que cela marche, quand bien même on a l'esprit tranquille. On travaille sûrement moins, mais on fait travailler les autres.
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Business is something that sometimes gets close to your mind like a mhm and her baby.
It is something that you are progressing with in a daily life.
The way you manage it can either awards you or even demolish you. So it depends on how you handle it.
But now the factor to bring is, in all your plannings, don't put your family members in big positions for they might be hard to manage.
They may despise you even.
Only do it when your under written agreements.
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Is there a level where someone reaches and says he no longer wants to work

Some discussion was going on and people were saying that you reach a level and you don't need to work, another member told them no, that is practically impossible, it's only that these people have different ways of working and different ways of earning but not that they no longer work. If someone has invested lots of dollars in assets, it doesn't mean he has stopped working.

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