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This is not good cos it shows laziness.
One; the day you start getting satisfied with the any thing you have is the day start getting poor and poor.
Eg coca-cola would not be making adverts for it's products
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Je peux dire que cela est due au fruit remporter dans la journée.Plein de gens se décourage si le revenu ne lui convient pas dont si tu réveille en pensant en cela s'est décourageant
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It's because we were trained to work for money insteady of money working for us . That's investing and building cash flow economy that builds wealthy for long term earning and investing.
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It's because sometimes you think of what you r going through that job and at the end you feel like you don't want to go .
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Cela peut être dû à la fatigue, mais surtout quand on pense que l'on travaille beaucoup pour un salaire qui ne permet pas de vivre décemment, le découragement prend le dessus.
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Why sometimes you wake up in the morning and you are not in the moods of going to work

I may say this is brought about lack of motivation, it might be the job motivation or the self motivation.
People who are self driven don't find it very difficult to get up and go to work, this is common with people who have invested for a long time and have their own business enterprises.
However, those who are not well motivated by their bosses.

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