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Yes, working overtime is not good for health. Our body needs rests, if we are overworked our body and mind are weaken and resulted ineffective.
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Working for long hours doesn't mean doing great thing
It's not only unproductive but it can also lead to burn out, health problems and luck of fulfillment in your role
There are high chances of heart attack increase for long hours the extra pressure takes a roll on the heart as well as the brain
Overworking can dangerous from both mental and physical health
Working for long hours leads to stress lack of free time and poor work
Employees performance levels could also be levered due to tiredness, fatigue and lack of attentireness
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People use or work for less hours and earn much. So technology has made it possible for people to earn more than working for long hours for nothing in terms of earning.
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Working for long hours doesn't mean doing great things

There are some people who work for less hours but they are hard working and they work smart. They have a planned time to work and they are very productive. Compared to people who work in the field with a lot of energy, for long hours but they are paid less, however, those who work smart use less time and earn more.

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