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It is practical to get divorce if marriage will not work well anymore
It is better to file divorce than to stick to a person who cause you a miserable life.

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According to the Almighty God who created the first couple, Adam and Eve, there should be no divorce. Once you get married to each other you become one. In fact Jesus was very clear about this. He said if you divorce and marry another, that will be adultery.
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Some of the this you would not want to happen is divorce

Once you marry someone it would be the best option for you not to divorce. However, there are reasons why some people divorce and some of these reasons could be brought by a woman for dividing the wealth of the husband or she wants to live a free lifestyle where there isn't any control. Another issue is too much expectations from the both sides of a man and a woman. Thinking the other person will solve a lot of problems.

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