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Furniture makes things look beautiful
Our homes should be our scape from our hectic lives since we live in a fist paced would where everyone has be say trying to balance family work and school lives
so when we come home we want to have so thunded by becoming in a calming peaceful environment to accomplish this goal
Many people have the fine qualities of solid words and bringing a little bit of nature indoors exetic appearance which can add style and furniture wood has many attributes like it's gorgeous maturing grains creats
Interesting patterns that are unique to each other
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It doesn't necessarily mean we have to stop cutting trees but we need to be mindful of the future, hence whenever we cut a tree, we should plant another or two in replace of that one..
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I think they are not saying that you should not cut down trees, but rather that if you happen to cut down one tree, you should plant three. This was the campaign, but not saying we shouldn't cut trees at any cost.
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Furniture makes things look beautiful and natural

Everyone in the world is advocating for not cutting trees and some of these trees make beautiful and expensive furniture. The question is where shall we get the beautiful and expensive wood pieces and what material are we going to replace the products of trees. Do you think metallic items will replace wood or plastic well designed items will do.

How do you vote?

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