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YEM est la monnaie d'avenir est il est plus que capital de bien surveiller l'évolution de cette monnaie nuit et jour. La révolution digitale va s'opérer à travers your everyday money. Le meilleur reste à venir.
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The FYEM can be used as a savings account. However in case of any emergency you can easily resort to using this account
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Is there a way of how we will use some part of YEM for daily transactions even if we have the rest

Since YEM would be a currency that can be used always, the wallets could be left with different purposes, may be the one of main wallet could act like a current account, the Free YEM wallet like the savings account and the POS remains as a fixed deposit account, where the free YEM can be withdrawn in the exchange for daily transactions and the main wallet remains for purchasing other physical assets. That is my thoughts, what do you suggest

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