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The mind of God is not like that of men .He is the same today,tomorrow yesterday and forever there4 God Neva changes .but men change at all times.
Him being God nothing was made without Him .so his thoughts are of good and always a yes .so its a choice of a man.
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The way how you at things, is not the way GOD looks at them
People judge by out ward appearance but GOD looks at the heart, if a person is tall, good looking well build and tests fully dressed then he/she posses physically qualities that humans generally admire and respect often those are physical qualities we seek in a leader GOD has the unique ability to see inside a person
GOD knows the true character because he looks at the heart, appearances can be deceiving the outward, the appearances doesn't reveal what people are realm physically looks don't show as a person true characters or Intergrity and Faithfulness to GOD moral and spiritual
Considerations are for more important toGOD.
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God is very opposite to man in all aspects. God is love and unconditional while man only love if he/she is being loved and loves fade away.
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God is the source of supreme wisdom and understanding. far better than humans thinking full of mistakes
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The way you look at things is not the way God looks at them.

Men judge and judge differently according to how the Final judge does it.
Men's ways of looking at things is totally different from God's.
What men see to be good, it is bad to God. What they take to bad, God deems it good.
Therefore, the best way would be for man to seek for God's way of looking at things.

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Judging someone is not for you. Judgment day is when someone dies. It's God's plan until you finish what was meant for someone
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