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Haha, I don't know if I can call it transport but yes the mind travels faster than a plane n it can move various places in just seconds of which a plane cannot
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That's great view, what came into my mind when you talked about that air transport is no longer the fastest was the tube, that are being constructed in some countries and they are suggesting that some of them will be passing under water. As the technology improves, there also lots of things that are changing at a very fast rate.
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Air transport is no longer a fastest mean of transport ast we knew before.

During our school days, we were taught that the fastest mean of transport was air transport among others which include water, road and rail transport.
There is another strange mean of transport you dint know about.
This is the mind transport. This transports your mind in one place to another within a second.
It is the fastest one ever. For you do not need to pack it on a plane, boat etcbut it will go swiftly to it's destination.

How do you vote?

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Because we have never seen anything by passing air transport system mostly in Africa we don't have trains which atleast goes beyond.
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I think air transport is the fastest of all transport nowadays. We have experienced it in our various travels.
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