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Truly the world is falling apart with the way people are behaving, the increased acts of violence people are being trafficked only for there organs to be removed with out there consent whilst other voluntarily sell there body parts and organs basically everything is inverted now and I don't think there's any chance of things getting better as we go by. DIVINE INTERVENTION IS NEEDED.
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It's quite true indeed that the World is changed. And by the way it is continuing to change. But the only bad news is that it is changing from good to worse.
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Believe me the world is falling apart now days.

When you look at the world today and see how things are and then compare them with how they were long ago or sometime back, you will find out that totally things have greatley changed
Everything is moving towards the end and there are so many indicators that the world is drawing to it's end.
According to what is taking place, it shows that the world is falling apart.

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