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Democracy in Africa is always to conduct elections and every citizens participates in voting for their Leaders they want. Thus democracy
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Yes we may say we have since in some countries they can vote up to the end and there isn't any violence.
And even after voting there is peace, however, we shall never have some one that was competing in the election and once he/she is defeated will never accept the results. Some one our countries presidents died but there was peaceful transition.
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yes depending on what you take as a meaning for democracy.
however, this is not only in Africa but its cutting across all nations.
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Yes, in Africa we do have democracy. This is the system whereby decision is taken on the majority view of the involved people. If it is in government, that's why they say it is for the people of the people by the people.
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Do we have democracy in African countries?

I don't know whether we have democracy in all African countries but if there is democracy let those contestants who wins in the elections be announced in the right position because their people are waiting him or her to be there leaders

How do you vote?

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democray in some african countriez is tottaly like zero cus of corruption en african leaders to over stay in power
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