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In this case the dancer don't have to be concerned with what other's might think or even say about him/her. All you need is doing your own thing your own way. Life is like that, where you will be concerned with what others are saying or thinking about your daily activities leads to failure, just get concerned with what is best for you and just do it.
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Be yourself and don't worry about your surroundings and pretend nobody is around and your alone at the moment and you own everything in your own world on your own planet without anyone to distract you this is how life should be always don't let anyone get In You're way toward you're own journey to success and you'll be successful
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Singing is good because songs soothe the mind, now if you sing like nobody is listening it means that you are singing to yourself, you are pouring your mind to God.
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"Sing like nobody's listening!
Dance like nobody sees you!
Love like nobody hurt you!"
- Unknown author -

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