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Yes, Yem is indeed some thing to know in depth and trust. So, by all means try to dig all the information that you can afford to get in order to understand it better. You will love it.
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Its true and we should continue to observe patience because all what Unicorn is doing Is done on program as they refer to the tasks we answered before all these happenings. So let's pray for LIVES we gonna enjoy.
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Yeahman, your are right boss because we should be happy to be YEM Holders, because the future is bright since we are with a biggest world project, Safezone.
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We thank YEM foundation and unicorn network for coming back to check on us always and continue to give us updates and encouraging words Because there are some people who are even in UNICORN FAMILY but don't know the value of what they are holding, and for that matter, thier ignorance makes them think I that YEM has taken some long time without doing something they need, but all in all the good thing is that YEM is real and time is coming when we shall all rejoice together as a family. So it's high time we started thinking positively and praying for lives of our family members.

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