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Definitely. Jesus is the answer and he calls every heavy laden,tomented,thirst mention but afew ever since he overcame death being given the keys of heaven ,earth and he'll by GOD truly Jesus is the answer.
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The name of Jesus was given power
and great authority both the entire earth and heavens to rule over circumstances,dominate...
Therefore always call upon his name in all difficulties,circumstances,or persecution. There's is always a fast answer when his name is called. According to his word Phil.2.10 - That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

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Jesus neva exited it was mere myth and the people involved in that story did not exist. We are one in the lord God of Host
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God is our comforter in times of trouble especially in down moments. Just call his name and he will answer us all things are allowed by God with purpose.
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Any person that trusts in the power of the Lord can never lose hope because the Lord Himself is our hope. He is the provider of all our needs. Just take everything to Him in prayer.
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When all hope is gone just call upon the name of Jesus.

When you fill like all your hope is gone, remember to call upon the name of Jesus.
He is ever present and ready to offer help to you.
And the Bible says that he is the present help in the times of trouble
Whenever you call him, be is ready to answer you.
Call His mighty name and He will answer you.

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