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It will create more awareness because no doubt yem is the best crypto project and everyone will jump on it hence creating more liquidity. Thank you .
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When should we expect liquidation. You always give us a smile about the liquidation and we are waiting
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The listing of Yem on the coin market cap.

Some Unicorn network family members are inquiring as to why Yem can not be listed on the coin market cap as it was earlier anticipated. But of course you are very well aware that Yem is not a coin but a digital fiat currency which is the official currency of the Bene Berenti sovereign Order. For this matter, therefore, Yem can not be listed on the coin market cap.
Thanks for understanding.

How do you vote?

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it is sad to see that still members believe that a listing at CMC could bring any advantage.
What advantage is there for a unique digital fiat currency to be listed on a website run by Binance?
This is complete nonsense and in the end counterproductive for our currency.
Awareness of YEM is promoted, among other things, by third-party projects on our blockchain, because all participants of these projects have to pay fees in YEM.
By the way, this is also how Ether has grown because many projects on the Ethereum Blockchain have increased the fee volume of Ether.
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