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Poverty Reduction.
Connecting Across Borders.
Sense of Accomplishment.
More Productivity.
Better Communication.
Critical Thinking Skills.
Identification of Skills.
Greater Sense of Discipline.
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Education is indeed good but I think it really depends on what type of education you should give your children. To me education that doesn't include financial education isn't helpful.
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Education is the only best key to the success in the world of today

Educating children's is the best way of getting success in your life
So all parents are advised to educate their children's for a better living
Because with out education one will never become aminister anywhere
And my brothers and sisters if you have got a chance of education use it THANKS

How do you vote?

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No my dear, maybe some of those countries which as good democracy but other countries no. Their give you job considering where you come from, son of how! And etc. So education is key for those which are there family a rich.
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No, not true, these days changed, it's who you know that determines, you may have all and die poor, what you know, who you know can lead you to succeed in life.
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