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We do worship the same God no matter how oblivious one might be, whenever you find your self in a tough situation you say oh God help me knowingly or unknowingly. All those arguments around the topic don't really matter but deep down everybody knows we all worship the same God
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There is only one God. The one who created the Earth, the Heaven and every thing therein and in between, both big and small, visible and invisible. Others are mirages.
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Do all religions Worship the same "God"?

Inter Religious Council often declares this statement to be true that we all worship the same God. But different religions have different interpretations of their "God" to be the one true "God" for example the Bible says " he who does not believe in the Son (JESUS) does believe in the Father". Meaning for one to be a Christian she/he "MUST" BELIVE IN Jesus Christ. Theoretically this rules out all Other religions. Moslems fight “Holy wars” [Jihad] in the Name of Allah? Meaning other gods are false to them! so?? Do we really Worship the same ‘God’?

How do you vote?

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