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But I think the YEM Confidence covers and binds us in the YEM businesses. Also the SafeZone and all its Projects benefits everybody including Individuals, Institutions, Companies, Governments, etc, etc.
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I have never seen or come across anyone anywhere asking for a document before acceptance of any currency. It's just a matter of consent.
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a document that can protect us to carry out activities around the YEM.

YEM our everyday currency. we are ready to do business around the YEM, to accept it for our sales, but the question is: on what documents can back us up. We need documents that can protect us vis-à-vis our jurisdictions in Africa and in our own countries? after having sold everything how to return to the market if your supplier does not accept the YEM that you have on hand?That the YEM FOUNDATION and Bene merenti think of Africa which has a good number of Holders
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