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yes normally we have to leave a legacy behind us. but for the sake of having good relations with his lord, it is necessary to seek first so that your children do not use this inheritance against you if it is badly used after you.
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Everyone needs to leave a legacy before leaving the world but only God knows who is to leave the legacy and who will not
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You have put your point nicely! I like it really. Do whatever you wish to do on this Earth but always never forget that at the end of all of this, you will be answerable to the Almighty.
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It is better to leave a legacy behind when you leave the earth. But it's not all.r

It's good for everyone to leave behind a legacy when you leave this earth but thats not all.
Mostly think about what you will present before God.
Of how lived this life. The Bible says that we shall all be answerable to Him someday.

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