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Yes she was just an incubator, God put Jesus in her to carry for 9 months, and she never had any sexual intercourse with any man before then.... Jesus was formed by the holy spirit
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You have a good point dear. In fact this has been revealed to you by the Holly Spirit. Because Jesus was there even before Mary was born!
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Mary was not a complete mother of Jesus but was just an incubator.

Jesus was born in a mysterious birth where even by now some people are still failing yo get the revelation of His birth.
He was born of a virgin but by human knowledge can a virgin truly give birth?
It's impossible to man but to God it is possible.
But here is the answer, Mary was just carrying the baby inside her.
She worked as an incubator where the incubator has no connection with an egg to be hatched.

How do you vote?

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Sorry but what do you put in incomplete mother? Wasn't she the one who kept the big one until term? It is not because she became pregnant by the work of the Holy Spirit and that being a virgin was able to give birth that we will say that she is not the complete mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This act is a mystery that goes beyond human understanding and that man will not be able to understand.
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