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Nowadays, there are still people who have a good heart and passionate to others eventhough they don't have. They possess a good virtue in life.
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Yes, I believe we still have good people in this world who are ready to make the change for the better world.
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Sometimes we are wrong in making decisions or at least we have made decisions that are not right. This sometimes makes us feel down.
In that situation we need other people who can revive our spirits
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there was no food today, however, this is always manageable.
i tink it is was good manners to behave well always so that things are safe.
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it's true that most people are bad but there are always others who are passionate or who have the love of others in their hearts.
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They are very many of them who are still passionate about others and if you have not find one of them just be patient you will find
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Yes, my dear. The world is full of people with different characters, personalities and behaviors. There are some good people and of course also the bad guys.
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This world still has people who are still passionate about others

Of recent I was watching some people who are dedicated in helping other people who don't have what to eat, what to dress up and where to stay in. My country was attacked by floods and there are some individuals and institutions that came up and extended a hand in helping those that were affected.
If all of us keeps the good spirit, the world would be a better place.

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