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The Water is life. The water is the best thing that we can take, If we don´t drink water, we can die
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they may be right in saying so. but I know that the majority of those who have done the campaigns in Africa cannot accept this because they have drunk it. And they still live

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It's totally not adviced to drink river, lake water because this water containe bacteria causing diseases
River water contain hard and strong minerals which weakens the body cells once taken.
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To the best of my understanding, I am always of the view that when water from our usual sources gets boiled, it becomes soft and good for domestic use.
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Some people tell us not to drink river water, lake water and tap water.

This is sometimes disturbing to understand, because almost all the water we use, is either tap water, river water, lake water and even for borehole. Now the question is where should we get water to use for domestic purposes? Does it become safe when we boil it at high degrees?
Water plays a big role in everyone's life therefore we should see how we can get safe water.
Someone advise, where should we get the safest water?

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Elixir of Life or Potentially Lethal in Excess?
1 – Water flushes out toxins. ...
2 – Temperature regulation. ...
3 – Digestion and constipation. ...
4 – Reduction in headaches and migraines. ...
5 -Weight loss and appetite suppression. ...
6 – Healthier skin. ...
7 – Relieves tiredness. ...
8 – Faster recovery from hangovers
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