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now like it or not we are all entering the digital age and everyone wants true transparency, digital money is the way out of all our desires, recorded transactions, fast and unlimited
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so it happens, but there is always second chance that can always be put into consideration.
let us be awake co such issues can be a threat to cmty, friends ad anybody
added by Deogratias Nsengiyumva 13 days ago 3    0

Ha ha ha ! When you talk of digital currency being the future of money you really make me laugh and indeed wonder, because as we talk, digital currency is in use.
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It is very true according to the rumors around everywhere digital currency is going to replace Fiat money in the whole world
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This is the truth, the real truth. Paper monies are on their way out of our daily transactions, and very soon they will be gone, because the digital era is already here.
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Yes I find that to be true. digital money will truly revolutionize money. we have faith in that. that those who still doubt have stopped and join us
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Digital money can streamline the current financial infrastructure, making it cheaper and faster to conduct monetary transactions. It can also ease monetary policy implementation by central banks. Examples of types of digital money are cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, and stablecoins.
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Indeed digital money is the future of money
Like YEM your every day money for which I can use this money for my day today transaction. Like buying a car
This reduces money loundering

added by 1000948034 16 days ago 5    0

I have a believe that digital money is future of the money

Aconding what is taking place in the world of money. You want or not this fiat money it's going.
It is going to be in past in near future. So we have to look forward and we get some digital money.
But if not that were finished. You know, you can't stop change if it comes but it can stop you. So move with the change you will be successful.

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