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Poland and Mexico the two countries are very strong enough I can't remembered the country that defeated the other one.
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Le Mexique part favori. Bien que la Pologne s'affiche
Il y aura tout de même un très bon match.
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In the 2022 World Cup, Poland will beat Mexico

The Mexico and Poland teams are each strong this year, setting stage for what is likely to emerge as an exciting match. Yet the Polish team is better-coached, and far more disciplined than its Central American competitor. The ultimate winner here will hinge on the indisputable fact that the Poland team players has the advantages of great mental focus, coupled with superior athletic stamina.

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Ich habe auch gedacht, daß Polen die Mexicaner problemlos besiegen kann. So einfach war es aber nicht und es blieb beim 0:0 und ich bin beim Tippen leider nicht ein Level gestiegen. Das Spiel war aber nicht uninteressant.

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It's Still doubted because both teams are too strong to overcome each other. I think they may make an equalizer
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