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I make sure that I make effective records. That's the trade and loss accounts as well as others financial records
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Make investments in other projects like solario, and more.
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In business, accuracy and vigilance are required. Being careful and alert in the YEM business is a requirement, don't let the opportunities and results achieved in 5 years be lost / wiped out in just 1 heart.
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Protect your money from con men who are ready to present to you scam investments with the aim of stealing your money. So apply in integrity.
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What to do in order to protect your money from loss.

safezone members we are excited that we are going to get money from yem sells but let's be careful not to lose can work for five years to get some money but lose all that money I just one day. It is easier to lose money than to make it that's why you should pay for professional advice .

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