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It would be great if you could give the legal firm to work on this. If you have YEM on your wallet, you are holding an asset and at one point it can be transferable, therefore the way you choose to write a will to your next of kin, you can do the same to your Yem. Make sure you write properly all that is within the system like master pin Pernum and password. Then also teach your heir all about safezone/Pernum pass and how to log in.
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No documents should be asked because we have members who don't know how to read and write.
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This kind of diocument will help the family members of the deceased to undertake the proceedure to be recgnise as legal heirs of the deceased and will facilitate on national level to be established a recognised and legal certificate to present to the YEM Foundation for further décision to be taken.
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Should the YEM Foundation propose a document to help yem holder for their Heirs?

With the deaths of some UFMs since the beginning of the project of Unicorn network, Safezone and YEM, we have witnessed the death of some mem bers with whom the journey began some years ago. On my opinion, YEM Foundation should propose to the community a sample of document to be filled by all members in order to facilitate in case a member passed away to transfer what he/she has in his wallet to his legal heirs.
Do think the YEM Foundation, should take such an initiative?

How do you vote?

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