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It's a true comment and we Africans normally couldn't accept that people were dieing in plenty as well as here people died but a least in numbers compared to the whites.
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Sincerely talking was also affected by the corona virus however saying it's not real was not affected
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If because of Covid 19 it is still considered to exist and lockdown measures are taken in each country, it will certainly affect the joints of life. And the state will be bothered by centralized finances only for handling Covid-19. Over time, of course, this will affect aspects of people's lives, especially the economy, which will be paralyzed. My opinion minus the tightening.

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Some people couldn't believe that Corona was real

In some developing countries where Corona virus wasn't so intense some people argued that there wasn't the pandemic. However, those who who witnessed will tell you that it was real as it affected people economically, socially and spiritually.
What is your take about covid 19 in developing world?

How do you vote?

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It was real , Doctors faced hectic challenges and professor's from that sector many failed to discover the way they were supposed to manage it that's why we lost many of our loved ones .
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