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I realized very well that I had not used my time optimally because I did not understand how the opportunities at that time made money. If every hour will make money, of course we will not let that time spin without any significant income. Congratulations and success for YEM

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Some one who dares to waste one hour of his time has not discovered the value of life.
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Are you aware that time is awasted resource?

Here in Africa , people are known to waste time and it is not something to amaze anyone when dealing with an african. Africans have their own time management and westerners have their own. but until Africans start to value the use of time like westerners . Then,they will understand how resourceful time is. Let's use this as an e.g if every minute aperson gets 100= in his pocket. How much do you think aperson can have in 24hours of aday? It's too much money. so if you want to know how you misuse your time just divide the money you get as salary after the end of the month or aday by the number of minutes or hours in a day or amonth . It's when you will realize that you often misuse most of your time. All your time must be utilized as aplant grows from every minute , day and night. You must also attract money whether you are sleeping ,busy in party or when in aburial. This is what many of the people can not do.

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