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Yes. Because the decisions we make and the actions we take shape our future. Indeed the choice you make today will tell your tomorrow
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It's obviously true that what we became tomorrow or the other day is determined by what we decide to do today.
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The Lord our God is the Almighty and provider for all that we see and we don't see. He chose us to pioneer in this project. It was His will not ours. Lets just praise him at all times.
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Your choices today become your reality tomorrow.

See what yem stands for. God is in control, Dear choosen generation stand right and firm for the one who chosen you is supreme . Non is above or equal to Him, He is the God of Adam ,Moses ,Isaac ,Abraham ,Jacob and of david; nomatter Goliath talks alot and looks furious . Joshua 1:1-15. (Read in your mother language.) Otherwise Goodluck.

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