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You can take the decision to engage in the activities, systems, or programs that you believe in at the right time.
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Entrepreneurs will say embrace all the opportunity that comes on your way.

For the case of others, every opportunity is not a blessing but sometimes is considered to be a risk venture. Others have been considered to be uncertain projects.
Whoever, takes up a new venture that is appropriate succeeds others will have to join, however, if it fails everyone will throw stones.

How do you vote?

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No successful entrepreneur would ever embrace every single opportunity! Think of it this way: Illegal activities, no; unprofitable activities, no; harmful activities, no; hateful activities, no; risky activities where you could lose everything, even your personal information, no! You see, the list of potentially harmful activities is seemingly endless. So, be careful, and turn your back on such reckless statements that claim you should embrace every opportunity.
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