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One can be very hard working but lives
Poor life after all lower cadres work very hard
Than their bosses but their bosses ean much
More than them.
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I think being rich is a combination of both skill and luck expressed through a proper mindset.
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yes being rich 100% you need to be with luck although both are important luck and skills
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It is luck but when that person is prepared because everyone has his or her luck even getting skills you need to be lucky, for some one to teach you in order to get skills.
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Yes ,one can be very hard working but lives poor life.
After all lower cadres work very hard than their bosses but their bosses earn much more than them
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Luck gives you success directly but hard work gives you success with a lot of experience , skills and sometimes failure lessons too . But the fight between luck and hard work doesn't finish with achievement of the goal , because lucky people are more likely to notice, create and act on opportunities then making decisions to take the risks , of course calculated risks needs skills and efforts.
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Is being rich luck or skill?......

Are you confusing your good fortune due to your own skill rather than due to luck? I do really believe that above average wealth is mostly due to luck.
Of course, effort is also required to get ahead, but it’s not the main reason. There are plenty of people who work very hard for a lazy unqualified entrepreneur .

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Getting rich is all about having apostive mindset ready to grab available opportunities in aright time and be consistent and committed to them.
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