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Yes but it's according to the type of education here in Africa
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Education alone is not defined as a solution to success. It also takes into conduct the individual interest and of course the quality of the education.
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Yes but it's according to the type of education here in Africa the type of education is totally poor mostly in schools that is why you find mostly people with money are not of high level of education.
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coz ur given opportunity to explore a variety of options
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Do education prepare student
To be free financial
Know days
Because most of the people think getting good grades determine for tomorrow
Which l think is not right
Because I have seen people with a lot of money with no education

Still on that success comes from actions not books

How do you vote?

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according to me a ugandan citizen many people have gathered alot of degrees with no acces to good work so my answer is no no no
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Success is all about positive mindset consistence , persistence and determination to your dreams.
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Success comes from actions not books. There are many rich people who are not educated. There are very many poor educated people.
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Education does not determine success level. Because we are all unique in our capabilities. So our success comes from our innate ability to do what it takes to get success. Not necessarily education.
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