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yes i believe jesus is coming back to his rescue his followers
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Jesus loves us that's why he give us his son and dead for us .my role to respond to him is to spreading the word of God .second is to keep ten commandments of God .
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You are a hoosen race, God choose you from the rest .
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For God so love the world(you)he gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ that whosoever believed in in should not perish but have everlasting life.
This is Gods plan for all of us and we must all grab this opportunity now before we exit this world by death or when Jesus comes again in the rapture .We do this through personal faith in Jesus and then repentance towards God .We must sincerely be very sorry for all the evils we ever committed and ask God to forgive us and accept Jesus as our lord and saviour. and promise never to sin again .ask for grace to continue to serve him to the end .Allow the Holy Spirit lead us to a bible believing church where we will be taught the word of God line upon line a little here and little there till we become bible students that no one can deceive us .I pray for all of us here that God would help everyone give his life totally to Jesus and all promises from God Would be ours in Jesus name. Amen

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I doubt that that word loves me how??? Since birth has Neva came back when they told us that his kamg back Neva sow him up to now
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How does he love me and have been waiting for him since my birth up to date waiting..... But no see him coming. It's was false did not exist it was just a story
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