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its time now the the wealth changes to the prepared ones. find out this seventh disruption. technology is transferring wealth from the ancient to the internet era and factors of production are changing from the usual ones to Time, People and Technology.
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Future is bright and the the sky is the limit for only chosen people
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It's true, we have got alot of information from Technology since majorities today have access to phones and improved the style of living
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year its really good for allowing 10% class group to join the90% (rich people < we all deserves the same in this planet
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Open your eyes,the internet gives more and more people the ability to get information and knowledge.
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Forget the past, Anew hope is here in the information age.

In the past the rich owned 90% of the riches and the poor owned only 10%. This rule is changing at ahigh rate because many people from the class of 10%ownernship are joining the rich .This means that it is now possible for more and more people to gain access to the great wealth,the wealth found in information and is infinite, it's not restricted as land and resources in the gone ages.

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