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Choose someone who is having the same dreams like you,you may choose someone who is not ready for marriage and other people consider only the beauty .
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Try to test your partner in different ways... and give your self time to know them better..
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Someone who is in line with your dreams,
Because spouses should each other and help us to raise capital we may be in need of.
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Indeed we should pick up this advice for better marriage. Most people consider outer beauty and they tend to be blind about other factors of a good partner. We should always choose those who choose us not rapping up on someone because of their looks. If someone really loves you they Stay no matter what and they choose what you want all they care about is saying you happy. We should avoid forcing our selves on people mostly in the name of love, it's not forced we don't fight for it. True love makes its self smoothly.
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U can get a right patterner through courtship and so on so forth
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Yes myself I have been lifted by my spouse who didn't take yem issues in fogranted
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One of the causes of the breakdown of the family is not loving each other, as well as in doing business with YEM the most basic capital is to understand and love and then run it with confidence and tenacity. If this cannot be done then let them go
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Choose someone who is in line with your dreams because spouses should advise each other and help us to raise capital we may be in need of.
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How to choose aright mate for marriage.

When I talk of aright mate,I don't mean abeautiful spouse or right men and women that are commonly sung by people. I mean, you need amate who correlates with your ambitions in life. By choosing aperson because she is beautiful or handsome won't take you anywhere in life. This is a common cause of failure. The relationship of marriage brings people intimately into contact. Unless this relationship is harmonious, failure is likely to follow. Moreover, it will be aform of failure that is marked by misery and unhappiness, destroying all signs of ambition. to me,I believe that your mate should be your first partner in business because you love him/her. And that is afactor of success. If you are just starting the journey and your mate seems not to understand or against your desires, it's better, you let him or her go. Or you can keep convincing him or her on where you are going.if she or he can't stand to move with you and be patient enough, let her or him go. After all ,she may not even be ready to be with you when you are poor. There are women who have lifted men from zero to great wealth.and on top of that two heads are better than one.

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