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FYEM works on the algorithm of prove of stake while YEM works on the principle of blockchain technology. Both of them are the same thing.
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If it works on our side as yem members ,that's the best option to take for the safety of our Yem
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Most of the government officials are corrupt so even if they lay taxes in which I don't oppose will not do what is supposed to do. So the way to turn yem into FYem is better.
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The system will reduce the seculation from the public
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The strategy used by YEM agrees because if YEM is printed without a limit or on sale, then this will cause the value of YEM to fall. It's better if rare is only intended for its members so that the value of YEM is stable
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It reduces the suculation of yem and when the suculation of yem it may lead the price of yem to increase
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It will be better because if we protected to that sisetem of over taxetion we really appreciate and thank the foundation to know what can makes us lose our money and protect us in time that is really a good haert we pray may almighty God give you a good life.
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Yes . It's done to avoid over taxing it and reduce it's quantity in circulation.
added by Anonymous 451 days ago 6    0

The value of YEM may shoot up beyond 35,000 in a very short time this year. We are all proud to be YEM holders.
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Regular YEM and FYEM are to be held both as FYEM in POS and on YEM chain respectively.

In a bid to create scarcity of YEM, and to safe guard Unicorn members YEM from government and sovereign bodies that intend to tax members YEM excessively, both regular YEM and FYEM are to be held and stored as FYEM in proof of stake (POS) and on to the YEM chain respectively. The scarcity created will eventually lead to the price of YEM to sky rocket since new entrants to unicorn will be looking for YEM to buy.

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