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Of course gold is everywhere. The funny thing is that gold is one the greatest minerals that is in existence in the universe.
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Since life exists everywhere on earth so do the existence of GOD because He is in charge of everything.
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Yes it is everywhere because you can consider gold as anything that you value the most...and here I take yem as my most valuable thing in terms of is where the future is
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Yes. It can be got from soil but Yem is limited and is not owned by anyone
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Gold is that something that you can use and get money out of it.
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Did you know that Gold is everywhere?

Some one said ,"more gold has been mined from our minds more than from the earth. Gold must first be seen in your minds before you can even see it under ground. And that is why too few people can see gold or live with gold they cannot explore. The reason many people are poor is that they live in a life of scarcity when they can be in a life of abundance. Surely how can aperson live in a country of 40million people and fail to have what to do or sell to all these millions? How can aperson have energy and fail to have something to do? How can aperson stay in rentals and fail to utilize the presence of other tenants? Even washing their clothes can be enough! How can a safezone member fail to go on digital reward center and collect free yem? Even when 30minutes are enough for you! We should not take such issue lightly because the rich are getting richer because of such minor things. so think about it.

How do you vote?

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Gold is not every where but there some places where gold is
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