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There are a lot of means to make money. One can easily make money by selling rainy water by packaging them very well
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when it rains ,automatically i just plant crops,ploughing and preparing for the first season
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Prepare hot tea for warm up and jump to be after shower
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Hard work of collecting that water matters alot,and since its was raining where were others
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As you know that water is life, water has too many uses to people and animals. If it rains you can dig and plant to benefit from the first rains.
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What are you doing when it rains there?

Let us open our eyes widely to start seeing people who are capitalising. U can be ready and alert to grab rain water and use it to get money. Like those who are in town you can collect water put it in your tanks and sell it in times of can sell on demand on whatever price you want because there are many people in need of it.

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