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Is to make sure I use all the opportunities that come my way... like now I want to correct free yem from all available sources
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Buying YEM and encouraging others to buy it in time and then wait for it to mature
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The more people you serve and help to solve their problems, the more money comes towards you.
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What can you take advantage of as per now?

Taking advantage of, is the order of this new information era, people are still taking advantage even in things some people neglect.there are many companies which are dealing with death of people ( funeral services) there are many companies taking advantage of our losses( banks and insurance). You can take advantage of teaching new technologies (digitalization) if you don't take advantage of the people around you or situation around you, the people or situation is taking advantage of you.The more you take advantage of of many people , the more you become rich.

How do you vote?

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The message can be rephased, as , the more people you help to get to know YEM, the richer you become because you earn as you help other people
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